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A poem by Jim G


The dreamtime is something elusive , mysterious, always present.

The outer.

The inner.

The in between.

Between the notes.

Between past and present.

Between you and me.

The dreamtime is what comes into view when we close our eyes

to see.

According to the Billboard charts and the music industry in general, World Music is the fastest growing category of music today. Interest in international music is increasing rapidly, not only in the United States, but all over the world. Influences of World Music can be heard in pop, rock, and many styles of modern music, as though ancient spirits are coming back to life.

Many thousands of years ago the first melodic drone from a didgeridoo lifted into the ancient skies above Australia. The songs created by the simple instrument could have been the first music heard on the planet. It's been said if the Earth had a voice it would be the sound of the didgeridoo.

When asked by Echo to write an article about music, sound and healing, I became both very exited and very anxious. For me, the world of sound is like the world of emotion, mysterious and elusive. And much of what I know about music and healing seems to come from a place on the other side of the mind. A place that the natives of Australia call "the Dreamtime". Some consider the Dreamtime to be the real reality, while this world is more like a dream. But I have had so many healing experiences with sound, both personally and with clients, that this medicine of the soul must be further explored.

The golden yellow light danced in the eyes of those seated around the fire. Behind these glowing, watchful faces lay in infinite darkness and above them beamed the ancient moon and shimmering stars. The air shook with rhythm and felt much like a mother's heartbeat would to the child in her womb. Behind the drummers, the dancers stomped their feet, jumped into the air and spontaneously twirled with the living flame of spirit burning in their hearts. The people prayed and celebrated in the way their ancestors had since before time. The color of their skin might have been red, black, brown, yellow, or white, or perhaps they are of all different colors, creating a rainbow of living, breathing flesh. One of them could even be you.

Music. What does it mean to you? Is it something you enjoy listening to in your car or at home on your CD player? For most, it is enjoyed either in the background while doing other things, or focused on, primarily, for pleasure and relaxation. Music is a powerful form of energy and people have known this since the beginning of time. They now appear to be reawakening to this phenomenon in this time of great change.