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The Healing Power of Sound and Music

Music. What does it mean to you? Is it something you enjoy listening to in your car or at home on your CD player? For most, it is enjoyed either in the background while doing other things, or focused on, primarily, for pleasure and relaxation. Music is a powerful form of energy and people have known this since the beginning of time. They now appear to be reawakening to this phenomenon in this time of great change.

Edgar Cayce said, "Music will be the medicine of the future." We are now living in that future he spoke of. A relatively new branch of science has been "reborn" in the educational field called music therapy. For decades scientific studies conducted on the influence of sound on the human body have proven what we all know intuitively - sound causes feelings in us. Music can and does relax us, enliven us, and inspire us. It lifts our awareness from our minds and bodies by carrying us to a place of feeling and emotion. Healing occurs when we know and feel our intimate connection with the infinite universe. When we are immersed in music we truly love we become more than our limiting egos. We become one with unlimited possibilities and open up to our truest natural state - ecstasy. Music sparks our imagination, and we experience our creativity as being fully alive and stimulated.

Throughout history in all parts of the world, people have practiced the art of healing with music. Only in the recent acceleration of technology and industry have we become so separated from our natural state of being. In his marvelous book Music: Physicians For Times to Come, Don Campbell states, "There was no doubt to ancient healers and philosophers that music is the bridge between body, soul, and earth. Our vocabulary may have shifted in the past two thousand years, but the awareness of vibratory fields of energy as the life force of the body is an emerging realization in medicine." Just as breathing, your heartbeat, and the numerous systems of the body create a connected, whole being, so does melody, harmony, rhythm, and tone create music that is a living body of sound. Realizing that music is alive and how it affects us is like realizing that what we put into our body affects how we feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is a very powerful tool!

Music is also an expression of spirit, which can be angry, passionately romantic, or divinely inspired. When music is created with the intent to heal, it becomes awesomely powerful. In the past ten years, thousands of albums have been produced, specifically to create a hearing environment. Some claim CD produce specific results in brain wave patterns while others fall info the category of New Age, nature sounds, or World music. Some music is made specifically for transformation through meditation, while others can heal even without that intention. What enables true healing to take place, on any level, is the listeners ability and willingness to open up, relax, and let go. Most people experience a strong feeling from music at some point in their lives. Some have paid attention and developed their ability to listen and create some really beautiful music.

Music is the universal language of ALL. Sometimes we do not understand the language but we hear it and feel it. Dolphins and whales sing incredible songs of depth and beauty. In fact, all of creation uses sound to express and communicate. We humans have been gifted with something that lets us create and interpret better than the rest of nature - imagination! With our imaginations we can do anything and everything, which is just what we are here to do.

Listening to music that speaks to us can be relaxing, nurturing, uplifting, invigorating, and at best, deeply healing.

Creating music is even more powerful. A lot of people feel they cannot make music, carry a tune, or that they have no rhythm. Well, my friends, we all have a little drum that beats in our chest every moment of our lives. We all go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. We all breathe in and out, eat, and go to the bathroom. When we look at ourselves in this way we realize that all we are is - rhythm. We do not have to become virtuoso musicians in our first week of trying. All we have to do is be open, in our minds and hearts, and the music will pour through us like a river running wild.

As a sound therapist, musician, teacher, I encourage everyone to be open to the world of playing music. Start with a drum and either alone or with friends celebrate something that has been missing in us for far too long-LAVIDA-life!!