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Heartfelt Musical Feelings

When asked by Echo to write an article about music, sound and healing, I became both very exited and very anxious. For me, the world of sound is like the world of emotion, mysterious and elusive. And much of what I know about music and healing seems to come from a place on the other side of the mind. A place that the natives of Australia call "the Dreamtime". Some consider the Dreamtime to be the real reality, while this world is more like a dream. But I have had so many healing experiences with sound, both personally and with clients, that this medicine of the soul must be further explored.

Music. Sweet music. Is there anything as pleasurable as the emotional release brought on by a moving piece of music? To sing or listen to the blues makes a person feel better by releasing some of the pent up emotions stored in the body-mind. The kind of feelings we all have sometimes. The kind we spend countless hours, thousands of dollars, basically our whole lives trying to understand. Music helps us move through our emotional healing process.

Music also has virtually infinite uses and applications. It has been used since long before human history to express all ranges of emotions, and as a direct way to connect with Spirit in prayer. Now in this "information age", sound is such an integral part of our lives, that we often don't notice it, or we tune it out. Try being in a retail shop where the CD is skipping and nobody notices. (do please tell a manager!). We often become lost in a world of sound-bytes.

Modern science has now shown us that everything, including matter, is made up of vibration. Of all the vibrations we can perceive, sound is the most obvious. We can feel it. We can hear it. We can see it. Of all the modalities used to work on the level of vibration, sound is the most direct. It breaks my heart every time I hear someone say that they have no musical ability. We ARE musical instruments being played by God.

We extend ourselves by adding a clarinet, or a drum, or a guitar, but the music always comes from within. Every time we speak, we sing - sometimes it's the blues, and sometimes its gospel, but we are always singing. And there's never been a human alive on this planet without a little drum in their chests that beats every moment of their lives.

So what I'm saying is this: consider the role that music plays in your life, and consider the role that it could play. Comforter, therapist, friend, lover, mood setter. At all limes, sound has a place in our lives. Consider chanting Om for five times, silence is certainly the most powerful noise we can hear.

A few other thoughts to consider:  Music:

  • is shared by all people on earth, it is the universal language
  • is used in most modem hospitals to create a relaxing atmosphere
  • is the most influential art form
  • would be impossible without the spaces between the notes
  • brings people together
  • soothes the savage beast, unless its death metal, in which case it really makes them really angry!
  • is always being re-invented
  • is made daily by trillions of birds
  • "will be the medicine of the future" -- Edgar Cayce
  • "when it hits, you feel no pain!" -- Bob Marley
  • is so powerful, it can be used as a medicine, or a weapon. (the walls of Jericho)
  • expresses emotion, therefore transforming emotion.
  • creates a vibrational bridge to anywhere!

This article originally appeared in the Echo, June 2005