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Yoga Soulstice


This CD was recorded live in it's entirety on the Winter Solstice of 2002 at Studio 206 in Charlottesville, VA. As a group, we had met only once for rehearsal. That was the first time we had met Natan, a nice man and sitar player from India. Luckily, he could speak the same musical language as T.J. "Crow" Johnson, our guitar and violin player. Besides them, there was Ken Hutton on Handsonic (percussion) and myself on didg, talking drum and rainstick. I feel like I played a minor role in the creation of this music. Honestly, the music was so beautiful and complex and complete, I was afraid to mess it up! The entire 50 minutes is an improvisation. Eventually, I gradually eased into the flow and was soon along for the ride!

On the solstices and equinoxes in Charlottesville, a group of yoga practitioners meets for a special class. They had a very full class this evening as they crowded into Studio 206. They perform 108 sun salutations in the Ashtanga form; what I call power yoga. The energy flowing through the room could not be overstated. The breath and the sweat and the devotion created an environment of peace, healing, and joy. And this energy certainly influenced the music!

For two years after this recording, I used it in my massage therapy practice, and for two years I received praise and requests to purchase it. Eventually, I caught on and decided to press a few copies. I hope you will enjoy this music and I wish you many blessings.

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