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Music and Stories from Around the World with Jim Gagnon

Drums, didgeridoos, and flutes are just a few of the instruments you will hear in this lively and educational event.

Throw in a few humorous stories and some group participation, and you have one memorable show.

Our theme is respect for the land and appreciation for diversity.

Can be geared towards a certain culture, or theme, such as community activism.

Great for a classroom, or schoolwide assembly. Highly recomended!





The Dreamtime Project Ensemble

Fusion. Drums, didgeridoo, flutes, ambient sounds, keyboards, vocals, and fun! Great for festivals, art shows, parties, etc.

We will consult with you and make a recommendation determined on your audience and budget.

We provide our own sound system and ecletic sounds, you provide the dance floor.

We love to play anytime, anywhere, and we would love to share our music with YOU!

Check out our music page.



Drum The Ecstatic at The Rhythm Renewal 2010